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Coconut Republic® is a trademark of eAsia Outsourcing and Marketing Services, Inc., (www.easiaoutsource.com) a company incorporated in the State of California.

Our US head office is based in Pasadena, California and we also maintain an office in Manila, Philippines. Our parent company in the Philippines has been in the import – export business for the past 12 years supplying Asian-made products to several wholesalers, importers, retailers in the USA and Europe.

Our world-class, coconut-based products are proudly made in the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the largest coconut - producing countries in the world, dominating the world market with its 65% supply share of some 47 various coconut products exported to at least 70 countries around the world. This industry is among the Philippines’ top 5 net foreign exchange earners and continues to be a strong pillar of the economy, generating livelihood to one third of the population.

The Philippines has always been gracefully accentuated by the presence of the coconut tree. It is truly regarded as one of God’s greatest gift to the Filipinos. To date, over 3.1 million hectares or 27 percent of total Philippine agricultural lands are planted to coconut, with more than 324 million bearing and non-bearing trees. 68 out of the 79 provinces in the Philippines are classified as coconut areas with a work force of 3.5 million coconut farmers. There are more than 12 billion coconuts harvested each year in the Philippines.

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